Wednesday, November 7, 2012

stolen from chaquita banana lady: sequin and chiffon

While thrifting several months ago, I came across this beautiful butter colored vintage chiffon skirt. I think it was less than a dollar. The elastic at the band was fall apart, and the skirt was far too big at the waist. For the price? I couldn't pass it up. I came home with it and opened up the seam at the waist in the back. I pulled out the elastic (which actually proved to be a bit difficult as some parts of the elastic was actually sewn into the skirt), and then replaced it with a fresh elastic that actually fit at my waist. I loved the finish product.

The skirt is somewhat of a midi length on me. At 5'2" most knee length skirts are. But considering the fact that this skirt is such a sweet color and a very well taken care of vintage chiffon, I figured I could figure out ways to style without having the try to hem it.

This look is going to be one of two that I will post using this skirt. To make the skirt shorter, I paired it with a vintage Rio sequin bustier and pulled the skirt right up to my bust. It brings a bit of sex appeal and pizazz to the daintiness of the skirt.

top: sequin Rio bustier halter, thrifted 
bottom: chiffon skirt, thrifted (similar)
shoes: sequin heels, TJmaxx

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