Monday, December 30, 2013

my tribal heart: the reality

my tribal heart
my tribal heart For the past several months, I have felt as though I lost my voice. With life pulling me in so many different directions, I couldn't seem to find the "time" to keep up with my blog. Though I had been going through my apprehensions about continuing this blog, it seems as though my heart is really set on it. My blog's one year anniversary was in September, which meant that because I had only purchased my domain for one year, it was about to expire. I chose not to do anything about it, and had actually thought that my blog, or at least no longer existed after September. Little did I know that Go Daddy was quite the sneaky company and had automatically renewed my domain. It wasn't until November that I had realized what had happened...
When I got my new phone, I had lost access to all of my email accounts. Because I had changed my passwords so many times, I could not for the life of me remember how to log into any of my accounts other than my work one (go figure!). Though I mostly don't mind not receiving emails, a lot of the ones that I did receive for my blog were gracious reminders from new readers or followers. I missed all of that... and for that, I truly am sorry. It was only last week when I managed to log into my account again, and after sifting through all of the junk, an overwhelming sense of guilt came over me. I hadn't touched my blog since the beginning of September. It was then that I also decided to log into my instagram for the first time in a very long time as well. Seeing all of my blogger friends continuing to look fabulous and be beautiful made me reminisce about the friendships that I built and thus let fall the wayside. Again, I'm sorry for that...
my tribal heart
my tribal heart my tribal heart
With all that all of the personal trials and tribulations that I have been through in the past months, with all of the stresses, I thought it would be fitting that I bare myself a little more than I have before. I still don't quite feel like myself... feel as though I have gotten much older in the few months, but here it is: I will not let life defeat me. When I didn't post, I did feel as though something was missing so I will do my best to fight to make sure this continues even if it is once a month! So here's to a new beginning. This is a new post to move me into a new year. A post to put the past behind me and to move forward... Happy new year everyone, and I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season! P.S. - I think it's finally time for me to chop off my hair! I'm starting to feel as though its extremely disproportionate to my short stature now. :P my tribal heart
photo credit ash waters

top: native american print poncho, urban outfitters // black dress by H&M, thrifted
shoes: cut out ankle booties by zara
accessories: black bag, thrifted // agot necklace, gifted


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  2. Glad that you are back. i love your blog! Please continue to blog <3 i love your style and to read your blog & Love you xoxo