Saturday, January 25, 2014

dino + muse: vintage, acid wash, and leather

dino + muse: vintage, acid wash, & leather
photography by ash waters  
Some days it is hard to remember that you need to just stop. You get into this mindset of always moving, always going, always doing... We abuse our bodies and our minds without event acknowledging it. I am so guilty of this. I am sure you are just as guilty as I am because there are so few people in the world who have truly achieved the utopian idea of balance. We take on projects and responsibilities as though we are invincible and seem to always forget that we are merely human...
This year, I have been trying to be more conscious of myself and my thoughts, but often times I feel as though that is a dangerous place to be. We get lost in our thoughts so easily, and our minds get carried away... I just want to find a little bit of solace in my surroundings. To find a little bit of joy wherever I can, without any preconceived notions about what should and shouldn't be. dino + muse: vintage, acid wash, & leather
dino + muse: vintage, acid wash, & leather So for this post, without any real thoughts about what it would be or how it was going to turn out... I found a new friend. It's just me, being eclectic, being fun, being dorky with my friend, the green dinosaur. After I saw the results of the first image for the first time I thought how it looked like it should be an album cover... it was cheeky, it was funny, and very odd. So either I'm extremely short, or this piñata is extremely tall... Which one is it? By the way, the tights that I have on from Baroque are the softest tights I have ever slipped on in my life!
dino + muse: vintage, acid wash, & leather
top: vintage s/s button down // acid wash jacket c/o banggood
bottom: zipper faux leather skirt by h&m // embellished tights SOLD OUT (similar) c/o baroque
shoes: chunky platform heels by forever21
accessories: sunglasses c/o zeroUV // chain clutch by moschino c/o reebonz


  1. I too work on trying to reach such a balance, but it is a tricky skill to learn.

    Your new friend is quite bright and fun. And you are so lovely. My favorite though are those pretty tights on your gorgeous legs. Incredible and exciting each shot of them :)

  2. Wow, love this post! Your outfit is gorgeous and you look stunning! Love your blog, just followed! Xx

  3. U look beautifull! Love the jacket, you're lovely ♥

  4. You look fantastic! you great to combine together many strong elements :) I like the most tights and jacket :)